Truant | Featured Short Film


Evan rides the bus all day instead of going to school. But one day he meets a girl who will give him a lesson he’ll never forget.

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Fifty Pence | Featured Short Film on Film Shortage

Fifty Pence

A keen gambler, finds himself having to escort an unknown woman to the other side of Paris for a Mafioso.

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Surrounded by trees and stuck in a dark situation, Will is swept along on a journey of silent self discovery. nathannewman.tv/captor

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Wait | Featured Short Film with Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel Radcliffe waits but what is approaching? Wait is a film about fear, a fear of the unknown. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, It’s a simple and pure film that follows a character waiting for an unseen event to occur which speaks of terror, loneliness, and fragility, it’s a very human narrative.[…]

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Athanasios, a mischievous, 21 year old Greek American, lives and works with his grandfather, a Greek immigrant, in the family shoe repair store. Athanasios takes his Greek heritage for granted, and more importantly, the significance of his name and what it means. It is through the telling of his grandfather’s[…]

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The Stand | Films de chez nous

The Stand

The morning after a drunken blackout brings with it confusion over choices made the night before.

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Bonnie & Clyde

A British spin on the story of two of America’s best known bank robbers, Bonnie & Clyde, a pair who captured the imaginations of a nation disillusioned by financial crisis. This is the story of a young couple embroiled in a life of burglary and murder until inevitably their dangerous[…]

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Shot | Featured Short Film


Taylor and Brennan get along just fine despite relying on their unconventional relationship to fulfill their addictions.

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Danse Macabre | Films de chez nous

Danse Macabre

For a period of time, while we believe it to be perfectly still, lifeless flesh responds, stirs and contorts in a final macabre ballet.

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