Cockatoo | Featured Short Film


A man with a broken heart tries to relive his failed relationship by hiring a young actress to play his ex-girlfriend. If only she could get the accent right … Cockatoo is a clever short film with a sincere balance laughter and drama. The film is about Michael, a lonely[…]

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The Little Casanovas

The Little Casanovas is a comedy that follows five boys sneak into an exclusive resort in Aqaba, Jordan. Mo Twine is the director to our loved featured – and 2012 top 10 short, ‘Bummer‘.

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Codfish & Cyanide | Featured Short Film

Codfish & Cyanide

The truth sounds way too absurd and being a notorious liar, Severin can’t risk anything.

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Christmas Party Conversations – Part I

From the creators of The Next Steps webisodes, comes a new series on Christmas Converstaions! If you were or are going to be involved in a Christmas party this year, chances are these conversations are being had…

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Grow Up Already | Featured Short Film

Grow Up Already

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Andy realizes he’s got A LOT of growing up to do!

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The Next Steps: Friendsgiving

Alright we’re from Canada and celebrated Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, but we still got some more thanks to give with this new episode of The Next Steps, Friendsgiving special! Episode 9 is time to meet the random group of “friends” that are usually the only ones still in town[…]

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A dark comedy about a newlywed couple testing out the boundaries of their new relationship.

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Castello Cavalcanti

Wes Anderson created a short film with long time friend and usual collaborator Jason Schwartzman. The film takes place in 1955, during the Molte Miglia race in Italy, and this time Anderson is fueled by giant Italian fashion designer Prada. Despite the commercial purpose, Castello Cavalcanti is vintagely qwarky and[…]

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The Next Steps: Sail(s) Pitch

We thought it was over, but their back with another episode! Episode 8, The worst Cruise-Ship-For-Vacation pitch ever. Starring Anthony Fanelli (@Anthony_Fanelli) & Lyndsey Doolen (@eatmysnarl) Episode 1 : Gosling Episode 2 : Group Date Night Episode 3 : Girl Hungover Episode 4 : Picture in the Park Episode 5[…]

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Alan Smithee | Featured Short Film

Alan Smithee

While Alan is surrounded by what is thought to be the American ideal, he learns that sometimes all we are is lost in the woods.

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