Maximum Body Count | Short Film Trailer

Maximum Body Count (1983)

The Mexican CIA’s best man returns in a high-octane thrill ride for the ages. But when German Terrorist Max Wiener steals a nuclear warhead, Serrano must head across the border and team up with an unlikely ally.

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Chillr | Featured Short Film


The only non-sex-based mobile app that instantly connects chill dudes with other chill dudes in their area. The first thing that went through our minds, and I am sure yours as well was: “How didn’t I think of this??”. And the we realized how fun this film/idea was. CHILLR is[…]

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A cancelled yoga class changes a man’s life.

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When a group of teenagers camp in the woods, they are found and tormented

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Occam’s Razor

Occam’s Razor is a darkly comedic paranoid thriller about the dangers of being a conspiracy theorist.

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The Box

A short satirical movie about England’s political approach to the 2014 Scottish referendum for independence.

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Open Mic

A short film about life, love and knob jokes. Open Mic will premiere in Rouen France at the This is England Film Festival on 3rd November and then will screen a few days later at the BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Film Festival in York, UK.

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Franklin Fogerty Kid Detective

Franklin Fogerty Kid Detective is almost 30 but he hasn’t grown at all. He is schlubby and unshaven, but he still wears his now too small yellow trench coat and he still puts out his kid detective stand every day. The sign on it still says that he will solve[…]

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A New Man | Featured Short Film

A New Man

After his wife leaves him, Charles begins to assume the identities of strangers at a local coffee shop to avoid being alone. We all know a break up is hard, and a spouse leaving you is even harder. The mind will often enter in a state of shock and depression[…]

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