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PARADIGM is a 3D animated short film created by Christopher D’Andrea for his BFA senior project. Its a story between two fractal generated entities extremely diverse in their nature. As the two objects progress, they evolve and change in the world around them. Their ultimate interaction is not held back[…]

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Alice & The Giant Emptiness

Alice & the Giant Emptiness is a contemporary tale about a young girl living with the burden of disadvantage, who overcomes a negative self-image and the taunts of classmates to live a life full of possibility. Alice & the Giant Emptiness is the first in the Tales of the ‘One[…]

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Sick Day

Nathan fakes a sick day to escape the daily grind. He’ll wish he didn’t…a comedy with a wicked twist.

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Short animation about robot who lost his heart in his strange mechanical world.

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Ark | Featured Short Film


Oblivious to the true nature of the disease, the only remaining survivors escape to the sea. Ark is a magical representation of a combination of animation, miniature settings, CGI and incredible storytelling! The short animated film is about a man trying to rescue his peers and himself from a deadly[…]

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“Down” Town

“Down” Town was always a dull, grey place… until the day a colorful stranger showed up. A surprising little holiday animation from the artists at SHED montreal.

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Acclaimed short film about a bereaved man recounting his father’s life.

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A young naturalist finds a giant salamander in the woods and attempts to capture it. ‘Tank’ is an animated short film made with hand-painted cut outs and After Effects.

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Happy Meal Horror | Featured Short Film

Happy Meal Horror

A robot cow searches for its mother in a slaughter house, while being chased by a killer robot.

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Gracht | Featured Short Film


Harry and his huge, oblivious son run a moving company together. When they help a girl move apartments, their dull, tiny lives are disrupted.

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