Whenever you watch a movie what is exactly the motivating force behind it?

Usually, it is boredom or the need to catch up on a series or maybe just a distraction. The decision to watch a film is mere milliseconds but the decision of exactly what to watch is where all the trickery lies. There is a tonne of work that goes into making a film – from the planning to execution.

But if the film fails to reach the audiences correctly, if it fails to get noticed, then all of that hard work was for naught. This is where film marketing comes in. It is the aspect of the process where the film is correctly depicted and pushed into the various mediums so that it can catch the attention of the correct audiences.

When a film is marketed in the right way, even a horrible plot with terrible acting can be a hit. The prime example of this is the Twilight saga. The movies and their source material were absolute garbage but they earned millions because of the way they were marketed. Every time a Twilight series movie came out, it was everywhere. You will know that it is out now. You will hear all about the enchanting story of undying love.

It was inescapable and that is the peak of good film marketing. If this aspect is ignored, the film might be a financial disaster and that is the worst-case scenario for any film.

Film marketing is the best course of action for avoiding that. How exactly can it help your cause?

Here are the film marketing strategies that can help any film get the most possible exposure:

Viral Film Marketing

As the name suggests, it is the strategy for film marketing done through making certain details go viral. Since the internet is such a predominant area of media consumption in the present-day world and the prime source for getting your dose of news.

If something goes viral, there is the assurance of being noticed, even if no assurance of being liked.

A good team of marketing experts can pinpoint exactly what detail to highlight in order to create a buzz about the film. A solid example is Deadpool which paved its path to the success it currently has. The clips from the film went viral and the humor and editing created quite an uproar in a matter of hours.

This is a strategy used by digital marketing agencies to get the film a good amount of attention prior to its release. Viral Film Marketing is one of the simplest yet most profound SEO services. Kala agency has a good grip on how to achieve these results.

Publicity Stunts / PR Stunts

These are the pre-planned, staged events that are meant to draw attention to the theme and plot of the movie. An example of this is the fake alien invasion news that was broadcast prior to the release of the movie Independence Day to create a sense of curiosity and interest amongst the audiences.

It was a publicity stunt that worked wonders for the film marketing of this movie and it was admittedly way ahead of its time.

Usually, PR stunts are very tricky and can backfire heavily, which is why you need to involve marketing experts from a renowned digital marketing agency (ex: Kala agency), to make sure your publicity is done right and healthily.


This is the oldest, most organic, and untraceable way of garnering attention from media and audiences alike. Feeding the rumor mill is the best way to get people interested in a film.

One of the most common examples of spreading rumors is when the on-screen couple is rumored to be dating in real life. The most effective rumors are based on the personal lives of the people who worked on or in the film. It makes people feel connected to the film.

Why a digital marketing agency

Film marketing strategies are not easy to execute. The people who are experienced in this art, Kala agency, for example, is a group of well-seasoned marketing experts who can do it for you at a moment’s notice.