Phone numbers are used in movies and TV shows all the time. You’ve probably heard tons of them without even noticing. But have you ever wondered if these numbers belong to a real person? Perhaps you’ve even tried calling one of these numbers just to see if someone would pick up. If you’ve ever heard the song by Tommy Tutone called “867-5309/Jenny”, you can imagine how many calls that number gets on a daily basis.

Because that song came out before caller ID or reverse phone lookup were used, there was no way to determine who was calling. Whoever had that phone number could not screen calls, so it was impossible to decipher which calls were prank calls and which were actual essential calls. Now, this may leave you with a few questions. Were real phone numbers always used in TV shows and movies? You would think that it would cause a lot of prank calls.

Are Real Numbers Used in TV Shows and Movies?

Most of the time, real numbers are used in TV shows and movies these days. However, only recently did scriptwriters start to do this. In the past, TV shows and movies used phone numbers that started with a unique area code to avoid unwanted phone calls to real people. According to a telephone company, Bell System, numbers that began with the area code 555 were reserved for use in movies and on TV. This may have made the scene a little bit more unrealistic, but it did save people from receiving countless unwanted prank calls. A few famous TV shows and movies that utilized this tactic included Ghostbusters (1984), Seinfeld (1991), and Last Action Hero (1993).

Phone Numbers of Your Favorite TV and Movie CharactersPhone Numbers of Your Favorite TV and Movie Characters Created By: PeopleFinders

More recently, scriptwriters have started implementing real numbers in movies and shows today to set the scene and make it more realistic. In a few instances, they’ve snuck in real numbers on purpose to bait viewers into calling them. When these seemingly real numbers are called, a voice recording is played on the other line, typically from one of the main characters. Some recent shows that did this were The Office (2008), Breaking Bad (2013), and Stranger Things (2019).

Maybe you’ve attempted to dial one of these numbers and were able to reach your favorite character’s voice. However, have you considered the fact that it might be someone’s real number? Luckily, there is technology available to look up whether a phone number is real or not. reverse phone lookup can help you investigate any phone number quickly and easily.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Reverse phone lookup made by PeopleFinders is a feature that allows you to search for public information like phone numbers, email addresses, and more. Under their extensive public database, there is tons of information that you can find with just the click of a button. If you are someone who gets prank calls or random telemarketer calls often, you can look up these numbers to find out who is calling you. Sometimes it can be hard to determine which calls are important and which are scams. Reverse phone lookup makes it easy to figure it out.

All you have to do is type in the number, and you’ll be met with a plethora of information such as the person’s name, email addresses, home addresses, and social media accounts. With reverse phone lookup, you’ll never have to wonder who is calling you again.