Reshan Fernando

Be a Buddy not a Bully // Short Film Trailer

Be A Buddy Not A Bully

Eliott has been bullying by the group of kids doing hip-hop dancing because of he’s the best ballet dancer. Anna shows her unconditional love to save Eliott by stop being bullied.

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Untold Thoughts // Trailer

Untold Thoughts

Eléna coming back to tell an injustice story of her murder and she’s finding a boy of her age Nevan who’s moving to the same house that this tragic had happen.

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Gold Star Kid // Short Film Trailer

A Gold Star Kid

One day 9 years old Matt is on the way to a restaurant, he’s finding a 20 euro bill on the pavement. At the restaurant Matt is seeing a soldier which reminds his late father who was a soldier, and he changes his mind to pay it forward that 20[…]

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