Adam Neustadter

Lost in Sound // Featured Short Film

Lost in Sound

A woman whose life has been accompanied by a cinematic score struggles to connect with people. Lost in Sound is an absurdly whimsical film which will certainly relate to many artistic minds who often dream up their own cinematic score to their life. The film is a collaboration between filmmaker[…]

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Carloman - Fool || Daily Short Picks

Carloman – Fool

Carloman is a two-person music project in which Dominic Matar and Elliot Thompson, based in New York/Los Angeles, summon the forgotten souls of times past in order to tell their trivial stories to a modern audience with little-to-no attention span. The music video for Carloman’s new single “Fool” is directed[…]

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Chillr | Featured Short Film


The only non-sex-based mobile app that instantly connects chill dudes with other chill dudes in their area. The first thing that went through our minds, and I am sure yours as well was: “How didn’t I think of this??”. And the we realized how fun this film/idea was. CHILLR is[…]

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Awakening // Daily Short Picks


An allergy season romance: One unhappy New Yorker flees to California in search of a change. And a spiritual, mystical beauty seems to know just what he needs. Watch ‘The Commencement‘ by Adam Neustadter on our Daily Short Picks

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Commencement // Daily Short Picks


On the night of their high school graduation, a young couple drifts through their quiet suburban town while processing the weight of the day. A soundtrack by James Iha, with Karen O & Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, provides an atmospheric score to the couple’s journey.

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