The Man wanders a barren purgatory, seeking those he lost.

The world is dead. Its only inhabitants are loners and wanderers, people whose purposes in life remain unfulfilled. They linger on in an empty and bleak world. Some embrace the anarchy, while others continue to seek resolution and meaning. The Man is one of these. His search is for his family, a wife and son he lost so long ago that he no longer remembers the circumstances of their disappearance. All he knows is that he must find them, no matter the cost. It is the sole reason for his survival. When he comes upon a weird carnival of wandering strangers, he stops looking only for a place to rest and continue on his way. But then the strangers put on a show for their new guest, and the Man sees someone very familiar… Has he finally found what he seeks? Or is he so accustomed to self-deception that he can no longer recognize the face of the woman he once loved?