In present day Brooklyn, a young woman and man on a date unexpectedly experience a manifestation from her traumatic past. She finds his too-quick supportive behavior a bit jarring. She wakes up from her daydream to discover that how he actually reacts proves his character, while leaving her in a state of suspended isolation.

Director’s Statement

In the wake of multiple allegations in the Hollywood industry about sexual misconduct, I found myself revisiting a story in my own life, and it wasn’t about being a victim, necessarily. It was how and why I stayed silent.

I wanted to explore how we can begin to have a culture that encourages people to speak up. A society where instead of placing the blame on victims, it is placed on the perpetrators where it belongs. Our society has created fear for those who do speak up and use our voices, because they’re often shut down, minimized, which reinforces internalizing and isolation. Sometimes it’s so subtle, we don’t even catch it. I’ve personally been encouraged by the number of articles and discussions I’ve had with other women (and victims) who have spoken out and are telling their tales. It’s needed.

As words are dismissed as “locker room talk”, and until our infrastructures encourage change and safety, I find it necessary to keep telling these stories.