A couple heads out on the open road to fix their rocky relationship.

Director’s Statement

“We Are Not Lovers” is a vision of the inner workings of an abusive relationship, romantic or otherwise. I wanted to capture the way it feels to be powerless and powerful all at once, the silent suffocating nature of feeling like you can’t escape. We begin to feel a progression of tension and once that breaks it quickly turns violent, the film speeds up and slows back down only to return to the beginning. A sad twisted loop, that could play on forever and ever. With minimal dialogue, distinct visuals and no particular time or place we feel the characters embark on a “fantasy” that feels all too much like reality. Questioning relationships and human nature. Why do we stay when we want to go? Why are we stuck or feel bound to another person. Why does violence sometimes feel as passionate as love or related in some way? Although I can’t answer all of those questions I can express how they make me feel through film.