Best Picks of The Month

Vera comes back home. To the place where she was born. To the place where she spend her childhood. And the place that he saw her go away. Vera runs into the origin of her memory, but the things are not as she remermbered them.

Director’s Vision

Vera is a short fictionalized documentary which was shot in December 2019 in Extremadura. When I started writing Vera, I wanted to talk about how villages have been relegated to places where people spend their vacations and have been emptied due to the gentrification of the big cities. Like many people who have grown up in small towns and have had to go elsewhere to look for opportunities, we don’t recognize the place of our childhood. I always wanted the short film Vera to be a journey through memories, especially like something that flourished, but with the passage of time it faded.
Besides, I wanted to represent the authenticity of the village in the purest and most natural way. For this reason, Sara Ralla is the only actress, and the other talents are townspeople with whom we contacted once we arrived at the place.

It was a wonderful experience, because when I wrote the script, I was very “contained” about some scenes, but the townspeople got very involved and gave me truly incredible richness and visual authenticity. Without them, none of this would have been possible.