Director Terry Rayment depicts the transformational power of love and happiness with his 35mm spot “Understanding.” Cinematographer Kate Arizmendi helps Rayment display the power of visual storytelling at its best, capturing all the emotions beautifully on KODAK VISION3 500T 5219.

Kodak’s affiliation with the piece, which chronicles the relationship between a teenaged boy and his father as he struggles to accept his son’s homosexuality, speaks to the brand’s willingness to share socially relevant stories that have the power to spark change. Captured as a powerful and poignant slice of life, “Understanding” communicates the values of acceptance and equality that the Kodak brand holds close.

With minimal dialogue, the spot illustrates the struggle of a parent’s expectations weighed against the needs of the heart. The journey from misunderstanding and judgment ultimately comes to a point of full support, influenced by the discovery of a cherished moment caught in a photograph. The underlying message is delivered with a sense of realism and nuance: when seen through the eyes of those who love us, all who we choose to love are fully embraced.

Inspired to pay homage to the iconic Kodak brand, Terry Rayment set out to create a snapshot of family life that felt as if it could exist in any time period, in any town. Shepherded by Eskimo Executive Producer Kristofer Barton, “Understanding” was shot in rural Pennsylvania over the course of three days. Together with cinematographer Kate Arizmendi, they forewent stylized trends of contemporary filmmaking, instead opting to strip the compositions, the blocking and the camera direction down to their most fundamental forms. Then they reconstructed the scenes from the remaining raw building blocks of cinema, making sure that each moment had a clear narrative beat, which propelled the story forward. The creative approach paid off, the resulting spot has a timeless look and feel to it that will endure repeat viewings and remain culturally relevant for years after its release.

Director Terry Rayment began his career in Chicago’s agency world as an art director before literally moving across the street to become an Autodesk Flame apprentice. There he uncovered a deep love for the detail-driven world of post production. Soon Terry relocated to Detroit, where he launched Eskimo, specializing in editorial and finishing.

Terry’s human-driven directorial style quickly became in high demand. Notable work includes global campaigns for Wolverine and Cadillac and PSA story content for the University of Florida, as well as the popular short form documentary “Wonderland.”

Founded in 2011, Eskimo is a premiere bicoastal studio with an award-winning roster of directors, creatives and producers, working both in the entertainment and commercial production arenas.