produced by James Qiu

A coming-of-age dark comedy set in the 90’s about a dorky teenager heartbroken after a remorseless breakup. He escapes by fever dreaming about a carefree relationship with a young TV star, but despite his newfound romance as well as a dazzling makeover, things take a surreal and distressing turn. Heavily inspired by Aki Kaurismäki’s body of work, the video aims to capture the rollercoasters of evocative and miserable thoughts that come in the aftermath of a breakup in the form of a nostalgic teen movie.

Part of the Korean indie rock artist The Black Skirts’s English language EP “Good Luck To You, Girl Scout!,” his first release in over two years.

Director’s Vision

The ultimate goal was to weave every inspiration and emotional intent into a surrealist fever dream of its own. I also found it really amusing to marry all of that with fun and colorful palettes.