Trust Me is the story of Nicole, a young wife on a campaign of surveillance to catch her husband with a new lover. What she discovers is far more complicated and sinister then she could have possibly imagined.

Directors Statement

Trust Me is a story about the routines and rituals that govern our lives and relationships. These foundations, solid as they seem, hang on only the the smallest pieces of trust, once gone they crumble. Trust Me is a story about the feeling of being loved, and the lengths we go to preserve that feeling in our own lives. Each day we wake hoping that our partner will continue to provide that feeling. How long can that last? Trust Me is a story about suspicion, the kind that eats away the witching hours of the night. Suspicion that pushes us to actions we didn’t think possible, sending us down a rabbit hole of choices and consequences from we which we cannot return. Trust Me was originally written as a feature script, but adapted into short form as a proof of concept.