When a strange disappearance rocks a tiny seaside town, a young girl remains determined to continue the search.

Director’s Statement

To The Sea is both inspired by and shot in a real place; the tiny coastal village of Peterborough where much of my family lives. This little corner of the planet feels like it’s right on the edge of the world, where the land suddenly seems to just fall away into the water. The town is part of an infamous stretch of Australian coastline called ‘Shipwreck Coast,’ that has a lengthy and strange history of disappearances. I wanted to make something that tried to capture the land’s semi-mythic qualities, something that had a folkloric feel to it.

The main aim of To The Sea was to play with the idea of ownership over grief. When a tragedy affects an entire community you grieve collectively, but it can also feel like you’re losing control over the specific and special connection you had to the person that’s been lost. Through Erin (played by the beautiful and fierce Jazi Hall), we explore that vulnerable fragility in a microscopic and hopefully meaningful way.