The 10 year story of Olly Ginelli trying to learn piano to surprise his Dad on his birthday. The very year he finally chose to finish this overdue project, was the year the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

Director’s Vision

The reason I ask what’s your #SurpriseChallenge at the end is I’d like to launch #SurpriseChallenge as a positive social movement much like IceBucketChallenge, it would go as follows:

1 – Do a performance of any kind for a loved one,
2 – Film and post it with the hashtag
3 – Nominate 5 friends
4 – Link or donate to the spotify global music charities supporting artists during covid.

2020 has been one of the worst years in recent history, but I was fortunate enough that the lockdown actually benefitted me and the project, helping me not only finish it but get it onto TV and become what it did. So my hope is that if the film becomes popular for being a positive story in a negative time, then the hashtag might spur on some social impact. It’s an ambitious hope, but so was the idea of learning the piano. Please do share the film if you enjoyed it!