In a dying world what will matter most?

Director’s Statement

In a dying world what will matter most? It’s a question that forces you almost immediately to pause and determine for yourself, “what does matters most?”. When the question was pressed upon me, I couldn’t help but think that my answer was as cliche as it could get; family. But I couldn’t deny that ‘family’ is and always will be the universal theme in these scenarios of a world-ending apocalyptic threat, so I wanted to personalise the concept in a way that felt raw, local and grounded to me. It was a big ask, especially with such a big concept, but it paid off when we were awarded 2x finalist awards for ‘Best Drama’ and ‘Best Sci-fi’.

The character we follow is a ruggard father figure who looks desperate to retrieve something or someone he treasures. Essentially, I wanted to explore the idea of a father’s unconditional love for his children and challenge the words we often speak haphazardly, ‘I would die for you’ and the father-daughter dynamic was a touching reality to me that fitted perfectly to this scenario.

Our goal in the end was to get people thinking about life and death – a concept we usually fear – and hopefully remind them of what really matters in the end; family. My desire is also that people would know that there is hope in the darkest of places even when the world around them is seemingly ‘coming to an end’.