Using the universal language of music and dance, The Sound a Soul Makes brings to life the emotional journey of a miscarriage by imagining a world where the child and parents get to meet and fall in love, if only for a short time.

Director’s Vision

Miscarriage is an unspoken word in our culture – yet it’s both shockingly common, and profoundly painful. And people are often going through it alone. Based on a poem I wrote the day we lost our first pregnancy, this film recognizes all the souls we’ve never met, but loved with our whole hearts.

And on a broader level: it’s also meant to be a conversational piece that provides some catharsis for those who have experienced this loss, and to remove some of the stigma about miscarriage. It is a part of creating life, and just as we publicly grieve, acknowledge and cherish the moments we had with loved ones who walked this earth with us – this film is meant to do the same for those souls we keep in our hearts.

I also want to acknowledge those who have had, or continue to have difficulty starting a family. My heart goes out to you, and I want you to know that you are not alone.

You can read the originating poem below.


We waited at the Glass Wall.
Searching through the shifting darkness
until we found you
shaping our imaginations.

We waited at the Glass Wall.
Barriers melting as our hearts raced together
through time
for the first time.

We waited at the Glass Wall.
But you couldn’t say hello.
Your silence.

Our silence.

Unwillingly etched in time.