After suffering from suicidal depression, Darius Sam, a 20-year-old from Lower Nicola First Nation, finds running as a catalyst for transformation. Within a matter of months, he attempts a 100-mile ultramarathon in subzero temperatures to raise awareness for addiction and mental health issues in his community.

Director’s Vision for ‘The Runner’

I first heard about Darius only two weeks before his planned December run. Upon reaching out to him, we immediately connected and have since developed a close friendship based on love, trust, and respect. I am unendingly inspired by Darius’ sensitivity and resilience at such a young age. Making this film has been an emotionally transformative experience and I am grateful to be able to share it with you now. My hope is that people, particularly young men who might be less drawn to mental health conversations, are drawn to Darius’ story and inspired to take care of their own well-being while striving to be the best versions of themselves.