A film student’s worse nightmare quickly becomes reality after a location scout goes terribly wrong. The friendly Airbnb host quickly turns on her would be client and reveals the real reason why she accepted her offer.

Director’s Vision

I wrote and directed The Perfect Daughter because I wanted to create a film that represented the social elements of modern day society. Unlike generations of the past, many people today are either delaying having children or simply not having them at all. There are many reasons for this decline in birthrates but nonetheless society’s attitude towards procreation has shifted. Marriage rates have declined over the years as well, which no doubt has a direct correlation to the lower rates of child births the U.S. is experiencing. Annie represents the modern day spinster. Now although in the film she was married, she represents the frustration and desperation many people face when they are unable to conceive a child of their own. Society’s strive for perfection has increased tenfold with the beginning with the introduction of the internet and social media. The Perfect Daughter is a visual representation of all of these elements combined.