Will Doxin, an OCD neat freak, must learn to get his hands dirty to win back the love of his life.

Director’s Statement

The reason I decided to write and direct The Knock Over was to dive into a genre I wasn’t comfortable in. I love the horror/mystery genre and always leaned into that when writing or pursuing projects, but after a long walk with my wife we began talking about a drama/mystery thriller that could challenge me as a creative. We stayed up late brainstorming ideas together and ultimately came up with the bare bones of The Knock Over.

I brought the idea to my good friend and amazing actor, Justin Torrence, and we hit the ground running with ways of expanding the script into something more personally rooted. Justin not only played the lead role of Will, but was also the producer on the film. He got us the locations, cast, and crew necessary to make this film the best it could be. This was exciting but also terrifying to me as it was the first film I’d be doing with a real crew having my back. Past films I directed were always with friends and family and I’d end up one-man-banding in a lot of ways. This added pressure pushed me to make the film the best it could be, not only for me, but for everyone who poured their time and passion into it. I’m glad this film is finally available for people to see. I’m proud of the entire crew and I really can’t thank them enough.

In some ways I felt like Will during the production of this film. It took me out of my comfort zone, there were unexpected problems to solve, and at times it felt like this thing was not what I set out to do in the first place, but in the end, I learned something new about myself as a filmmaker.