A door. A key. And, before hell, a baseball bat.

Director’s Vision

(+18) The Good Man is my last pandemic project. It is on. That is it. I had a lot of work doing this film. The question is not about how much effort i had to put on this, but if it had should be done. And If it was done, should it be posted? But i found a way to figured out that.

Futhermore, i’ve done all the sound editing. I took each little piece of sounds from others films to create this film atmosphere. Cults, music videoclips, tv shows, games, cartoons, and advertising from all the audiovisual available in the internet which talks about our culture.
Everthing that we create is a copy.
But instead of copying, i edited the original, lots of originals that were already been copied and then I recombined it creating an original copy. At least I hope I did it.

It took me 9 months to be able to do it. I began back on march when the pandemic started and i just finished today, December, 23, 2020.

It was a long time because I could not finish the film. And I did it. And that happened because i just stopped it. I did not finish the film. Because I just realised that this film can’t be over. And that exactlty what makes this project to have an end, and after all, to make sense.

Thank you for all of you that made this project with me. I think it makes perfect sense to release the film on Christmas. At the end this project is a son of 2020. An I hope it stays here. Thank you for all the men that helped me create the film. But specially thanks to all the women that thaugh me how to change it.