The Finest of The Breed

This short film is based on Bukowski’s poem, “The finest of the breed”. It has two parallel storylines, one is the video and the other is the poem. The voice over is the poem itself.

Director’s Statement

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.” Somehow the film is about that, “Identity”. It feels like nowadays is quite easy to forget who we are, especially, since every day, we need to support our public roles. I mean, maybe we are working in some job which we don´t even like, but, we must wear a big smile because the clients or our colleagues need to see that smile or more simply, because it is our job and it is supposed we need to just do it, we´ll pay our bills by doing that! So nowadays, let´s say we survive wearing that mask… every single day. That is the key point and I wonder, what happens after a few years wearing that “mask”?? All this is funny and I like to link it to the Greek term for mask which is persona. In the old times, in the theatres, actors has to wear that mask in order to represent the different characters of the play. I thought all this idea was perfect to mix it with Bukowski universe and so, the finest of the breed – a poem by charles bukowski is the result of all this.