The Dark Side of The Sun tells the story of a rising young actor who lands his dream job and is then mysteriously dispossessed of his promised opportunity. Sadness and shame leave him torn between the seeming safety of denial and the inevitable pursuit of truth. The film illuminates casting couch sexploitation in Hollywood, with prototypical gender roles in reverse; it paints a portrait of an objectified male, victimized by circumstance, and within that framework, explores the mental stress caused by rejection, uncertainty and the pressure to succeed.

Director’s Statement

The magical thing about stories is they have this wondrous way of making us feel less alone, of escaping the fundamental oneness that is being a living, breathing human being. As we run along the long, winding, road that we can only hope will lead us to our own little lands of hopes and dreams, we so often find ourselves feeling like we are, truly, the only ones running, the only ones captured by that elusive, mystical flickering light that exists only in contrast to the darkness in which it is encapsulated. I created The Dark Side of The Sun with the intent of both harbouring and honouring the community that exists to combat this pervasive sense of oneness we all experience, as I feel that it is in connecting with one other, be it in celebratory merriment, substance-induced denial, or most profoundly, in authentic pain, that we can effectively endure the disappointments and losses that seem to inevitably hurl their way down our jagged roads. Pulling back the thick, lush curtain on the entertainment industry, and challenging the very gender prototypes it fortifies, I wanted to provoke uncomfortable questions and stir challenging conversations by way of illuminating the deceptive quality of that which so often appears to beam bright.