Younness explores a stark and beautifully composed world, focusing on prejudice and the expectation of the viewer. ‘The Composer’ is based around the performance of its lead actor (Sean Richards-Mulzac) and a monologue, written by Youness, that rages against the injustices faced in his life, and death.

The film focuses on the last moments in a man’s life, and is broken into three loose “acts” – in act 1 the dying man is seen fighting with the police office who has just shot him, representing his refusal to accept what has just happened. In act 2 the dying man delivers a monologue to the police officer, and to society as a whole, raging against the prejudice he has encountered and that has ultimately claimed his life. This blurs into act 3 as the dying man begins to accept his fate and reconciles himself to it, visually represented by his composing.