A deadbeat returns to his battered hometown to take care of some unfinished business and discovers that the past can be difficult to bury.

Director’s Statement

For a while now I’ve had this idea of a man driving around with a body amongst the lonely expanse of the Mojave with seemingly no defined path or purpose. The moment the audience sees the man with the body the worst is assumed. Immediately the questions begin to mount.

I enjoy weekend road trips alone with my camera, and am really drawn to the eerie, abandoned areas of the Southwest with echoes of their vibrant past. The endless deserted businesses and homes, areas once bustling hubs for gas stations, mining, and souvenir shops create a haunting setting. The interstate brought their inevitable demise, and stories of those that tried to hold on are encountered at every dusty turn. Now, generations later, it is a place of great beauty, loneliness, and forgotten dreams, strangely not far from one of America’s most vital, thriving cities.