Once in a lifetime concert tickets lead to a Craigslist blind date for Kyle and Amanda… The two brave unseen territory as they traverse the waters of trust, sex, abandonment and loss only to discover that nothing is what it appears.

Directors Statement

I’ve always been drawn to films that retain some of their mystery, stories which allow the viewer to inject themselves into the narrative. A film that ends by opening up possibilities rather then simply concluding the story leaves me with the feeling that life for the characters continues long past the credits. In Tender I was drawn to the various ways the story could be interpreted as well as the complex unknown depth of the characters’ back stories. In bringing these ideas to the screen I hope to create a film that evokes different things in different people, as if the characters back story will reflect the viewers own history and emotional baggage. It’s rare to find a great short story that takes real life and gives it that surreal twist that makes it all the more recognizable.