Symmetry is a short conceptual film about how we as humans have recreated concrete jungles in our cities and how it’s impacting us and our earth.

Director’s Statement

Symmetry is a Project that has resonated with me for many years. Always driving around cities, going past different structures and industrial places. I always have looked at these locations differently to others, I think. They resonate with me more. Why? That I still don’t know. I always thought that making a film featuring these exotic places in my mind would be great, but I never knew how to put it into context or what the film should be about. But as time has gone on, I’ve managed to develop a story that not only is a recollection of my subconscious, but a topic that is quite important in our society today. Mankind started out with nature, trees, and wildlife. But we’ve managed to recreate jungles in our cities.

The development of our cities and the human population on earth which is expanding rapidly goes hand in hand with the degradation of the environment. And of course, deforestation. Which kills thousands of animals each year, and forces the extinction of many species.

Mankind is like a virus. We can’t stop ourselves. Our time on earth is short in comparison to time perspectives in the universe in general. Eventually, the earth just won’t be able to sustain us anymore. And when you think about it one of the main driving forces is politics of course. They get such a large pension for the rest of their life for essentially driving the economy and environment straight into the ground.

None of these factors help of course and that’s one of the reasons I made this film. I think it has such an important message and really opens the eyes to everyone who watches this film. Because essentially it shows three stages. What once was. Where we are now. And where we will end up in the future if mankind doesn’t change its ways.
I think for a brief period of time we have created an illusion for ourselves that we somehow control nature. We can’t and never will.

Nature always wins.