Two agoraphobic women find love via a virtual dating app.

Director’s Vision

Despite the prescience of the film, Swipe Up, Vivian! was made over a year before the start of the Pandemi Moore. We humbly apologize but no, we are not psychic and definitely cannot tell the future…we think. Closing out the scifi trilogy “Slight Future,” Swipe Up, Vivian! was a labor of love (as all short flicks are). Initially created in response to my immense depression, much like most of the art that I make is, we wanted to explore the ridiculousness that is being too sad and too scared to leave your apartment. That being said, it’s also a queer scifi love story (a genre I love creating and consuming) and I hope that shines through. According to every TV commercial, we’re still in “unprecedented times,” but hopefully soon we won’t be. And when that happens, I hope that you find a sassy app that introduces you to the love of your life. Wouldn’t that be cool. If you’re so inclined, catch ‘Ava in the End,’ and ‘Jeff Drives You‘ to satiate your scifi hunger.