An uninvited houseguest makes herself at home.

Written and Directed by Aisha Schliessler (The Call)

Director’s Vision for ‘Sticky’

The concept for STICKY was inspired by the gorgeous 1970s-style London townhouse in which it was shot. Through some good luck and good timing, I was granted access to this location, and decided to craft a story I felt would complement the stunning space- something quirky, fun, and beautiful that didn’t take itself too seriously. In a way, my process for this project was similar to the leading lady’s journey- an exploration of the house which led me to create a fantasy world within the confines of its wood-paneled walls.

Beyond the story, STICKY was also an opportunity for me to make my first film in the UK, which was such a wonderful experience. I’ll forever be grateful to the amazing crew who came together last minute and made this passion project happen. With so much insanity in the world over the past few years, I feel incredibly lucky every time I get to bring friends together and make films.