An exploration of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek vision of humanity. After 50 years of Star Trek, how far has humanity come? How much further can we go?

Director’s Statement

In the wake of the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, is Gene Roddenberry’s original vision for humanity still alive? Centered around the fan production, ‘Star Trek Continues’, this documentary film explores some of the people who create Star Trek today and their quest to get it right.

This film is a fan production about a fan production, but possibly about much more than that. The cast and crew of ‘Star Trek Continues’ facilitate an important discussion about what makes something truly Star Trek.

There are MANY other fantastic Star Trek fan productions out there – I encourage people to go check those out too. Budget limitations forced us to make only one trip and the STC Enterprise happened to be closest to us.

My hope is that this film, in a very small way, will help make sense of what Star Trek means to the world. As the old Vulcan saying, popularized by the late Leonard Nimoy goes, “Live long and prosper”.