• 3 months • 1 van • Pía Mía, Noa •

A creative exploration into life’s most sacred values: love, freedom, compassion and accessing the present moment. Follow the story of a courageous man who reflects on the profound journey onto new worlds that changed his life.

Director’s Statement

This film is a story of my own heart. It was filmed on an unforgettable journey of 4 months in a caravan around the Iberian Peninsula in Spain.

My own background is the academic’s path of a Master’s degree in Engineering. I studied in Spain, England, and China. Through training my mind in traditional education, I uncovered my own truth that I wanted to walk an alternative heart-centered path. I decided to leave that trajectory to express the beauty I saw in the world through cinematography. It was an unknown path, and it still is, but I trust in my ability to continue to manifest a career that is heart centered and freedom based.

My goal with this particular project is to have it seen by as many eyes as possible and ideally have my art honored at notable festivals around the world. My deepest hope is that the vulnerability I have expressed in this particular piece will help me to continue with this kind of work out in the world. My mission is to continue to promote heart centered values and inspiring people and being able to earn a living by sharing their artistic potential.