Twin sisters Sybil and Sasha try to come to terms with their differences only to discover a haunting supernatural tragedy.

Director’s Vision for ‘Second’

SECOND came out of the constraints of COVID as I began developing a feature idea with my friend and very talented writer-director, Aisha Evelyna.

We had started talking about an idea I had for a music video several years ago where twins share a bond that is more than their identical appearance that extends into something paranormal.

I use short films to practice craft and each one is designed to practice a specific element of the filmmaking process. This film was designed to create something ominous through its stillness, which was unlike almost all of my previous work that lives in a hand-held, always-moving approach.

SECOND was created as a creative challenge that I undertook with the most minimal-yet-dedicated crew for the sake of safety. We used simple motion-control for selective shots that sells the illusion of twins, while leveraging as many in-camera tricks to create an underlying tension that is exquisitely performed by the only talent on-screen; Mikki Hernandez.