A young girl facing the end of adolescence finds herself at her wits end – her ability to live freely and be happy becomes increasingly impossible under the strenuous, repetitive nature of her mundane country lifestyle. Sarah’s everyday life has become nothing but a distraction from her vivid imagination and passion for dance…

SARAH combines hand draw animation with live action footage and so could be considered an animation film also.

Director’s Statement

‘SARAH’ is my second short film, it was created as a final year – high school media study’s assignment. Managing its production amongst my other school work meant some very late nights staring at a light box drawing frame after frame while blasting Jimi Hendrix to keep my brain going. The entire process was low budget guerilla filmmaking at its finest. The cast was comprised of friends, their mums and my teachers. The only money that was spent was on bus fares for travel and hundreds of drawing pads which I sold my local stationary store out of twice. Everyone involved believed in my creative vision entirely and I am very lucky to have such a great group of friends that put aside there time to help make this film come to life and turn out as magical as it did.