After Mickey fouls up, Frank is tasked with cleaning up the mess. Saint Frank is a short film about best friends caught in a lose-lose situation.

Director’s Vision

“Saint Frank” was, for me, a return to narrative filmmaking. In 2011, I directed a no-budget feature that almost put my production company out of business. As a result, I turned my attention to documentary filmmaking and, there, found success. Six years and two feature length docs later, I was ready to return to narrative. I asked my good friend Jack Culbertson, a brilliant writer and director in his own right, if he had any unproduced scripts laying around. He sent me five and I was immediately drawn to the script that would become “Saint Frank.” I connected on a very deep level with Frank and Mickey’s complex relationship. Frank’s dilemma, that of a man who is caught between the opportunity to advance in life and loyalty to his friend, felt very timely.

“Saint Frank” is about the complexities of friendship; an exploration of loyalty and ambition and a celebration of brotherly love.