This music video/shortfilm-hybrid features Rubin Henkel, an up and coming post-classical musician based in Berlin, and his metaphysical journey through the creation of his second album, ‘Ruhelos’ (‘Restless’).

Director’s Vision

The moment of creative epiphany is a fascinating thing. The moment of illumination – an idea. It’s the overwhelming but addictive energy that creative people long for and live for. A rush like no other that keeps them going. However, when starved of that energy, an unbearable restlessness takes over. A restlessness that can spiral into doubt and destruction.

My ambition with this film was to depict these two opposites, and portray Rubin’s personal experience with creation. How he uses seemingly alternative methods in order to kick start his creativity, through to how he channels beauty in his chaotic surroundings in order to tackle self-destruction and pull himself out of a dark place – a dark place that is as much part of a life committed to your craft as the bloomy highs.

As a director and visual storyteller, I can truly relate to Rubin’s turbulent path. Pursuing a creative passion can at times feel like being in deep waters, and at worst, feeling like you’ve come to a dead end. Ironically, I was struggling with many of the emotions depicted in the film while trying to figure out how to best tell this story.