A predator stalks his prey, but things don’t turn out as expected.

One male stalker is enough to cause fear in a woman. But how many women are needed to cause fear in a man?

Director’s Notes

“Prey” is a short film which focuses on the disrespect men show towards women, looking specifically at street harassment – which leads us to consider wider issues, such as the perception of women as objects, and equality between the sexes.

It is the story of a man of questionable character who, one quiet night on a Parisian street, starts following a lone woman. As he gets closer and closer to her, he notices that he himself is being followed by more and more women. For the first time he feels the fear of how it is to be hunted. As he tries to escape, he runs into another group of a women walking towards him, and finds himself completely surrounded

“Prey” is set in modern day Paris, France. The genre of the film is a mix of noir, thriller and satire. There is no dialogue in the film, making it universally understandable. The aim of this film is to raise awareness about street harassment. Many men don’t realise how it is to be a woman, walking alone, especially in the night, listening to whistles and calls, turning around, feeling unsafe, being hunted.

The founder of the website stopstreetharassment.com conducted a survey in 2008, questioning 811 women. Of the many questions asked it was found that:

– Over 99% of the female respondents said they had experienced some form of street harassment.

– 75% of female respondents have been followed by an unknown stranger in public. More than 27% have been followed at least six times.

“Prey” reflects on this problem in a metaphorical and hyperbolic way, trying to create awareness and consciousness in one man (the main character), and cause him to reconsider his attitude towards women as equal human beings and not sexual objects. I hope that this film will help in creating this awareness in men all around the world.