PALE NAKED ROMANCE is an affectionate and vulnerable piece that explores romance and all of it’s confusions.

Director’s Statement

Romance occupies almost my entire consciousness. For me, it’s my sole interest, my primary source of inspiration, and the driver of all creative endeavours. The thought of how partners and lovers should be with each other; all the intricate detail, and the spontaneous pursuit of that type of intimacy is what my entire life will be spent indulging in and writing about. I find it to be a fascinating part of human existence, we are meaning-making machines.

In my quest to learn more about romance, I realised that the clear question “What is romance, and what does it mean to you?” is rarely asked. We all show, feel, and articulate romance in different ways; in sometimes hard-to-explain, complicated ways – so people just throw blanket Hollywood statements at it and write if off as something that we’ll spend the rest of time deciphering through various artforms… But as the stubborn person I am, I wanted to put an end to it. I set out to find people that could tell me concisely what romance is. What I got was a compilation of beautifully muddled, diverse thoughts that prove that romance is truly one of life’s riddles and that it’s charm is in it’s exploration.