**PAID MODELING GIG** is a drama/horror narrative short about a broke college student who finds a modeling gig online to help make ends meet: an all expenses paid trip, a dream beach photoshoot, and a big paycheck. It’s almost too good to be true… That’s because it is.

Director’s Vision for ‘**PAID MODELING GIG**’

**PAID MODELING GIG** is my thesis film and part of the MFA program at UT Austin. It is inspired by the story of GirlsDoPorn, an adult film website that coerced, sexually assaulted, and blackmailed young women for over ten years. While the film itself is fictional, it is grounded in extensive research from court documents, news articles, and direct accounts. It is not a plotted revenge story. It is a vengeance story, meant to educate audiences on the tactics this terrible company used and to take back control of the narrative with a new ending for the victims.