Shot in self-isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic in Toronto, Canada. March 2020.

Poem inspired by writings of Eugene O’Neil.

Director’s Statement

The restrictions the pandemic placed gave way to a renewed reflection on life and our place within it. Witnessing the ever-changing environment we were locked in and also inspired by writings of Eugene O’Neil, this piece was created as a more personal take on one’s response to the unprecedented uncertainty we face.

The main desire of the piece was to create a feeling, a feeling which anyone could take and create their own response to. The piece was made by studying our apartment – seeing where the light would fall and how the weather would slowly invade and define our personal space – and taking that to create a series, of what one could call, portraits that could stand on their own or create a narrative by being in a sequence.

As a DP – gear, resources, locations and budgets define how we tell our stories. This piece was created largely with natural light and a single focal length.

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