Chuck hires Josie, an inexperienced dominatrix, to help him fulfill his deepest fantasies. But after Josie accidentally crosses a line, Chuck’s fantasy spirals out of control… and they both get more than they bargained for.

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Creators Vision for ‘Nunchuck’

From Rishi Arya (the writer/creator):

When I first moved to LA, I wrote and directed a short play for a festival, and was blown away by the reception. Audiences seemed to respond to and enjoy laughing at the absurdity and shame around sexuality, social constraints, and religious traditions- and the ways in which they messily intersect in our culture. I decided to shift mediums and build upon that idea, and adapted the play into this short film, Nunchuck.

From Jordan Leer (the director):

I love shooting an action packed film like Nunchuck because it can evoke so many emotions. Getting into the choreography and special effects is just the beginning… the layers around the music, complicated and great performances, and creativity all around pushes the limits of the audience’s imagination.