“We fall, get screwed over, get up, renew ourselves, are reborn…and it’s a very painful process.”

A film inspired by recent turmoil in an artist’s life and its impact on her creative work, “Murayama”, is an exploration of the hidden complexity inside seemingly irrelevant moments.

Director’s Statement

Our initial approach was to make a film about the creative process and not actually show the artist doing the work. We wanted to see through her eyes and hear through her voice what she envisioned. We were interested in what’s not immediately visible. We start with a blank canvas in her studio with a rational approach to art, but we move to the outside world to see her feelings become part of the visualization. We spent time with the artist before shooting and discovered that mundane things, such as doing the dishes, are as much part of the creation as praying in a Buddhist temple. We don’t know where inspiration comes from or when it strikes, but with “Murayama” we wanted to show that it could be from anywhere.