A gifted young photographer, coping with his mother’s loss, sets out to capture something he loves.

Director’s Vision

This film is all about subcontext and in my view requires the viewer to really pay attention to the moral of the story that is being told here, yes it is about a boy who has lost his mother, but the film is much more than that, it is about being kind to the people you love and making every moment count. I hope that this film will reach a wide variety of audiences, especially those teenagers in my age bracket who may not get along all too well with their mother or their father. I want them to see that it is never worth holding a grudge over your mother or father because after all, anything can happen and the last thing that anyone would want to happen is for their mother or father to get into a horrific accident just after telling them you hate them.

I made this film because what I just explained, happened to me. No, my parents were not involved in a terrible accident, god forbid. But there was an argument when I was younger than I can remember vividly. One morning I had an argument with my mother and she left for work I and I left for school. I can remember not even saying goodbye to her. When I got to school I felt horrible for the entire day, I started to think, what If my mother got into an accident on the way to work and the last thing that happened between us was an argument.

That day has stuck with me for years, and I want to explore the psychology in a visual format what it would be like to experience something so heart-wrenching as this, as the term ‘Grief’ is only a word, a feeling. I wanted to be able to turn that word and feeling into something you can visually see on screen.