“This is the tale of the letter named I, A lonely author who lived life with a sigh…”

In Missing U, we follow along with the character I as she journeys to find her lost U. As she travels through increasingly unfamiliar territory, I is forced to face her fears and grow exponentially as a — er, letter. The film is as much about discovering missing parts within U as it is finding meaning in something external.

Missing U is a senior thesis in Computer Animation made at the Ringling College of Art + Design by Brooke Wagstaff. Over the span of a year and three months, she wrote the script; drew the storyboards; designed, modeled, textured, rigged, and animated the characters, props, and environments; then lit, rendered, and composited all of the shots together. Brooke also recorded the narration and voice of I herself, and was lucky enough to have the gifted Adam Ratner voice U.

My goal was to create a simple story told in as clean a way as possible, in the hopes that it would appeal to a very broad audience. I love language, and having the ability to play with words and weave in and out of first and third person narration was a lot of fun. I hope that you enjoy it!