A look into the internal monologue of a zombie that is looking for love.

Director’s Vision for ‘Love is a Virus’

Instead of sending out holiday cards, my seasonal greetings have taken the form of a spooky-fun horror shortfilms every Halloween season. These are exercises in simplicity as it’s a “work with what I have” situation. I joined forces with actor/combatants Devin Brooke and Kari Swanson and we decided we wanted to make a shortfilm centered around a fight scene. In my early career I worked in stunts and fight choreography so Kari, Devin and I choreographed the fight and the script came later. I also decided on the aesthetic before the script was born. Since this short was more about exploration than most commercial projects, I knew I wanted to shoot anamorphic, as well as in black and white. The last element in the mix was that I wanted the project to be a little cheeky since it’s a Halloween treat for my friends and coworkers; with that a noir love story, centered around a fight scene, shooting on an iphone with an anamorphic lens adapter was born.