The duality of the Black experience is illuminated on a man’s journey back to his childhood home. Produced by Sundance/SXSW/Emmy Award-winning producer Mary Kay Cook, written by and starring Jefferson Award-nominated actor Charles Andrew Gardner, featuring the directorial debut of Dame Pierre.

Directors Vision

Long Ride Home is an exploration into the life of Brandon, an affluent African-American who has clawed tooth and nail to success, resenting anyone not willing to put in the same amount discipline. However, Brandon’s perspective is challenged during an Uber ride to his old neighborhood.

I resonated with the script the moment I picked it up. As a filmmaker, some stories are just no brainers, almost impossible for you not to tell. For me, this was one of those projects. The experience gained from directing this film is invaluable, as I will forever consider myself privileged to give voice to the plight of many people in Chicago’s south side.