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Last Call Lenny

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A Used Furniture Salesman helps a Jazz Radio DJ attempt to end his life in the most complicated way possible.

“Why bother?” sums up Gabe’s feeling about life. He lives alone. He has a turtle. He’s a DJ at a smooth Jazz Station in the middle of nowhere. He’s peaked and he’d rather go out with a bang than ride out the slow steady decline that we all face. Lucky for him, there’s a local guy who fancies himself a Craigslist Kevorkian helping people with their er… exit strategy. His name is Lenny and he has an awesome Van to cart away the furniture of the deceased as a form of payment for his services, though he may not be upfront about that. Although ‘Last Call Lenny’ takes an absurdist view of choosing suicide, behind the comedy there’s also a want to find the answer to Gabe’s question. Why bother indeed?

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