In this intimate portrait told through the eyes of Lenape tribal leaders in Pennsylvania, a challenging spiritual journey unfolds to heal past wounds and keep a culture alive. Over the course of a weekend, Lenape tribe members perform healing ceremonies for the land affected by the Walking Purchase—a notorious event that changed the course of the tribe’s future—and reveal the dark underbelly left out of history books. The struggles, joy, pain, and resilient spirit of the Lenape all bubble to the surface as the tribe members share stories passed down through the generations and reveal their visions for the future of life on Earth. The Lenape are here to tell the world that not only are they still here—they never left.

Director’s Vision for ‘Keepers of the Way’

Keepers of the Way is a deeply personal project to me and was inspired by my direct connections and work done with Indigenous people throughout my life. Prior to this documentary, I had worked with several different Indigenous groups from South America and North America, learning about their healing practices and spiritual rituals. I was so inspired that I wanted to find a way to give back through filmmaking. This led me to learn even more about the importance of Indigenous cultures, their struggles for preservation, and the roles they play in maintaining and living in harmony with the Earth. Before I set out to make this piece, it was extremely important that I didn’t misrepresent or exploit the Pennsylvania Lenape tribe. Our team closely worked with the tribe’s members from concept through post-production phases, and the tribal council signed off on the final edit of this piece. Our team continues to build and deepen our relationships with the Lenape, and we look forward to sharing their vision with the world.