It Crawled In Through The Window

A couple has the scariest pillow-talk ever.

Director’s Statement

There’s something that fascinates me about the concept of spending such a considerable portion of our lives searching for someone to share a bed with. I’m an intensely light sleeper, so there’s an interesting paradox in feeling a sense of love, security, and comfort while getting the worst sleep of my life when sleeping next to someone.

I’ve had a few partners chastise me for my dark imagination, and I don’t blame them. I spend a lot of my professional life thinking up and searching for scary things, but it wasn’t until I was drifting off and was interrupted by a partner swearing she saw someone outside the window that I understood how unnerving it can be to be. It got me thinking that what scared me wasn’t that there might be someone out the window, it’s that someone I shared a bed with, someone I loved, was afraid.

In the end, there wasn’t anyone there, and we laughed off our jitters, but that feeling stuck with me. I’ve worked with Nicole Starrett for a few years now and trusted that she would do this feeling justice, and I couldn’t have been more grateful for her to bring in Mark Cosby, a brilliant actor who she had worked with before and trusted with the kind of fear they would be sharing. “I hate being scared,” Nicole admitted, “I really do.” It showed, and it was perfect.